Bad Economy: What else is there for Industrial Designers?

Just a general question for Industrial Designers. Just got out of college here, and I’ve applied and interviewed with every design/design related place I can think of. It is the “full time job” and it is getting old really fast haha. Pretty clear we’ll need a big economic turn-around before Design is considered useful again. From what I am told/see/hear, most businesses are just skittish now while we have a radical administration in and DO NOT want to risk expansion. I know for a fact that this is the truth guys so…hang in there til 2012 hehe. Maybe at least we’ll have optimism in business.

For now it seems entry level designers are completely unwanted. One of my classmates contacted me the other day to sign up under him for a pyramid scheme LOL…a new low; he sells feminine skin care products, and tried to hook me into it!..actually pretty sad. ok what else is there? Let’s hear what recent graduates ended up doing besides the lucky few who’ve gotten into design.

Personally, I’ve gone back to my roots and I’m developing computer models for sabermetric studies. You can see some work I’ve done over at…Funny how many of my friends/classmates have just given up to pulling scams and working side jobs flipping burgers. Anyone find something almost design related or maybe you are doing a completely different career but somehow keeping design as a hobby for when things turn up.

Thanks guys. :smiley:

I hear you. I graduated over a year ago and Ive been “hired” at least three times for design work only to have it fizzle before I even get started. Its just really frustrating to get on and see 5 jobs you can do but you don’t have the 5-10 years experience they want. I’m sorry but I don’t feel a Junior design position should require 2-5 years experience.

HG, listen man. I’ve done a few things where “5+ years exp. required” was listed and became non-issue later on. That SHOULD NOT be a thing to hold you back. Be bold and confident, and like I said you can throw that aside and get any job you want IF it is available. Years and years of experience is preferred and not required. Employers hope to get the very best that they can when in reality the veterans may not even be interested in a junior position, and if they are there is probably something wrong.

It is hard to find things in design right now, but if you know how to do other things besides, you can hold out as long as you want. This environment is not design friendly so I find it very interesting to hear stories from folks who are successful in the creative atmosphere.

I worked on a team for 3 years designing a water sanitizer, did a number of freelance jobs (mostly graphic design), and had a good internship. None of that seems worth it though. Enjoyable? Yes. Profitable? No, and also highly stressful to maintain a balance gambling your time for jobs. Most designers I know do design for the love of labor and have a side back-bone occupation to pay the bills. Seems sad that our society is having such trouble supporting and appreciating our creative people.

Wish you luck brutha!