Bad Back

I need a good chair-I am doing a lot of long hours wrking and its been killing my lower back recently–any suggestions on a solution. when I used to have one of these drafting tables that would swival i never had this problem.

I cant get a large chair-living in nyc doesnt permit that type of waste of space-

maybe a pad or some other device-


have been stretching alot after working and has helped a lil–

in most cases the chair isn’t the issue.
look into a variable height desk surface and get your work into a neutral sight line position.
you can sit on a plank of wood without back problems if your interface work surface is dialed.

I don’t know of any chairs really, but you could try using a heating pad on your back at the end of the day. It will help loosen up tight muscles. They make them now so they stick right to your skin so you don’t have to worry about wrapping them.

Learn a few yoga moves to try when you do your stretching. It will not only help your muscles feel better but it will also make them stronger.

I’ve seen some people use those big rubber exercise balls as a desk chair. They’re supposed to give you good posture and strengthen your abs and back.

Hope some of this helps. If all else fails, schedual a massage.

When I was healing from a back injury last year, I found that altering my working position was the most effective way to reduce fatigue and pain. Sitting for a long time was the worst thing to do, so I would stand and work as well as take short breaks to walk around or lie down. Heat is great for muscle pain, but my problem was disc and nerve related, so ice was the most beneficial as it reduced swelling.

I could also get some relief from getting my working surface and seating optimized; I did this by trial and error until I found the most comfortable and least fatiging position.

thank you -will look into changing positions and taking more breaks-the round ball seems interesting will investigate

thank you again


There’s a company out of Sparks, NV called Via. They have a swopper chair it looks something like this:

The chair is supposed to keep your back and hips in motion.

It’s also good to lay with your back on exercise ball and roll back and forth on it. When you get up tie your fingers behind your back and lean forward comfortably without pushing it, that should crack your mid-section. Your monitor should be at eye level and all bent joints at 90 deg. That’s what my chiro wife tells me, at first I thought she was nagging but it all seems to help. Except for that chair, check it out see if it suits you. Good luck!

do you know of any vendors or retailers in the states- or maybe a link i could purchase or check out-

everyone is talking about these balls- I have seen them in work outs-gonna check tht out-cant afford to getting back problems-

thank you

NP. I don’t know where your’re located but Dania Furniture in the north-west had them, Scandinavian Designs in NorCal and Plummers in SouthCal.

I just found this website The other vendor I mentioned Via, I could not find their website. I’ll dig around at work for it.

One more thing, a friend of mine was going through rehab after a really bad car accident. She used a roll made out of same foam as “floatie” (mind the spelling) pool toys. It’s about a foot in dia. and since it’s smaller than the ball it really gets the back crackin’.

I see someone has already mentioned exercise balls. I am a huge fan of this. Just don’t get a ball that is too small. Your thighs should slope downward. If this puts you too high in relation to your drawing table I would recommend trying to elevate the drawing table somehow.

This is an excellent alternative to the ball:

but believe it or not, this is really the best cheapest, solution:

It’s got a silly name: Disc’O’Sit. It is portable and inccocuous and it really gives 95% of the benefit of sitting on a ball. I thought it was silly untill I tried it. I am sitting on one now.

You could probably find one at the fitness store that is just up the street from the Strand Bookstore (I remember from one of your other posts that you go to Parsons) or online at (they have the chair too).

If you need to lean forward to get closer to your work, do not curve your spine and drag your head down. Instead rock forward from your hips. Also, take breaks, laying flat on your back with your knees bent and a book under your head. consciously relax each part of you body.

Equipment and tips only go so far – it is how you use your body that really determines your comfort and well being. There are people who teach something called the Alexander Technique that can teach you how to sit and draw without causing harm. I know good teachers here in NY if you ever want to give it a try.

Good luck with the back. Drop me an email sometime an give me the scoop on Parsons – I am applying right now.


This one is meant to keep your back in the right angle, allow mobility, (and also keeps your bollocks cool).

“binaria” chair by Oken

I have seen something like that IanVV, that like black ball on wheels-except no wheels-at the apple store-on the second floor they have these lil things by kids computers-

valdo-nice links

I think my problem has been stitting up right while I work-mostly is because these are dorm desks and the levels are universal and cant be elevated. but I use my lcd screen to make it so that i have a good position but its when i am just working on my laptop on my desk that i find my self hovering over it.

but at work I have a lot better desks and chairs–

the school and subway seats also do there damage also

maybe for like school i should get one of those like foam tubes-that you get after an accident- my mother had one a while back she said it really worked too-and is very easy to transport