I have not posted in a while. Drew some backpacks today:


nice, but try some with perspective, not only the front view. keep going

Nice start.

If you’re going to sketch up more ‘fronts’ try filling in the whole form with a color block, and add depth using dodge and burn tool for the shadows and highlights.

I like to get a really low hardness brush (0-10%) and make a ‘dash’ of color over my initial sketch linework (so it bleeds beyond all of the outlines), really gives the bag heaviness and feel, then the shadows and highlights really seal the deal

works with grayscale too…

too bad hes using markers, not photoshop. :[

purchase an airbrush, and spray on the color, or scan in and use photoshop

I started with markets, airbrush, etc - that why I know how to use the photoshop tools in this manner.

Back in the old days :unamused: we used to get this effect with finely ground pastels, swept across the page. Of course, it’s best to put your marker down strategically first, as most markers will smear the pastel. Pencils on top. Pow!

Do you have any examples?

As someone with bag design experience I think sketching in perspective is only necessary when you are still deciding on the silhouette and general purpose or nature of the bag.

I must say that it is rather time consuming to sketch in perspective when you have nailed down a concept and want to work on panels and color blocking(you have to include buckles, zippers, handles, straps, etc). Front and profile views can be done much faster because you don’t have to figure out how a certain panel will look in a perspective view.

It looks like the original poster has already picked the general shape of the bag and is now working on style, panels, placement of hardware, and color blocking. His choice of views are correct in this instance

I think the Dick PowellPresentation Techniques book goes through this kind of thing.

Looking through the vintage concept sketches thread, I found this one on page 1. This is a good example of using pastel (different colors, it may be airbrush, but the same effect) and blending them together. A light solvent / colorless marker will do that. The car is drawn over it. I have some old sketches at home I could dig up…

Thanks for sharing good postings… I’m also looking for this information… :slight_smile:
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