Backpacking Project - Share your thoughts!

Hey All,

So today we just finished up our summer semester and had our crit and I guess it went well but…I didn’t get much feedback after the project (I’m a student, there has to be a whole bunch I can do better, that’s why I’m in school).

So with that said, would you all mind taking a look at the project and providing me with some feedback as I feel its a promising project and can also make for a quality portfolio piece with the proper tweaks.

To give you some insight into the class, it was about finding a topic that deals with sustainability. I chose the topic of hiking to address. The final project was a combination of a hammock, crashpad, universal footprint, and a pack cover…all fully functional.

Thanks in advance for your time!


  1. Drop the passive voice. “We took a trip” instead of “A trip WAS taken”. Active voice = good.
  2. The development is real good, I think. However, the presentation of the final concept fell short. I wasn’t wow’d by anything. There was no ‘money shot’. I was halfway through the features pages before I realized I wasn’t in the testing/prototyping phase anymore. You should work on the final presentation of the S3p.