Backpack Ergonomics

Hi All,

Ive been researching on the web for a while now on backpack design, construction, the physics behind it, load distribution etc. etc.

what Ive found is the general consensus says that the loads should be as close to ones CG. &
Loads are generally distributed on the waist & shoulders with the help of lumbar supports, waist straps etc.

Anyone here design rucksacks for a living? and maybe could help throw some more light on the topic of comfort & construction.


Anyone here design rucksacks for a living?

That’s me.


Shoot me an email with some of your questions and perhaps I can assist you in your endeavor.


I also know someone who designs backpacks, msg me if you need more info and I can give you his contact.

Contact me if you want. I have backpacks approved and certified by the WFofC.