Backpack coming soon!

Hey everyone, I’ve been working on this backpack concept for a while now. This is the process I’ve got so far, I’d love some feedback! A fabric/prototype is coming, I just needed to work out the construction details so I don’t end up wasting too much material.

Some good preliminary work going on here…I’d really like to see some sketching ideas based on the exploration of real fabric samples and how it behaves however.

There looks to be some interesting thinking going on with the ergonomics and application of fabric, texture and materials in the design of the shoulder /harness straps, lumbar area and load adjustment straps (cooling, ventilation, abrasion?). You seemed to have ignored the hip harness area…why?

You cannot begin to design a back pack without stating your use case. Who is this for?

Thank you for the feedback and insight! That is correct on the material placements, I’m thinking through the idea of how to circulate air flow while wearing this pack. I decided to forgo the hip harness, because this backpack isn’t intended to be used like a hiking/backpacking style bag. Those use the hip harness more so to help reduce the weight/strain on the user’s shoulders when carrying heavy load for longer period of time. My concept is more or less for city/ short weekend trips, nothing extreme.

This project isn’t fully flushed out yet. I do have a user in mind but haven’t put together a presentation page to represent that. Currently I’m working to see if this concept will function the way I intended it to. Once I have figured that part out with a prototype, then I’ll start putting together a better presentation explaining further my thought process.

This is great stuff.
I really appreciate that you took the time to make a paper model of it. That kind of extra effort often pays off with things like pattern making and sketching, and can reinforce or refine your ideas in ways that just sketching might not touch.
Did the paper version change the design at all, or reveal any unforeseen issues?

Jimmy, any update? :slight_smile: