Back to the paper

My name is Martin, sketching is my hobby not job yet.
I started digitaly but i found that i havn’t basics by hand “analog”.
So there will progress in my “analog”.

Another sketches, more or less perspective training, first I used pencil, then copic multiliner, smoler for all lines and biger for contours. For rendering copic markers and black pencil for shadows.

Hi There are some doodles which needs some crit, opinions.
Since I do not go to any ID school or something like that, this forum is very important because of crit.

Considering you haven’t gone to school, the quality of you sketches are pretty good. Some of your lines are a little tight, but not bad. What is your end goal?

You have a pretty good hand for somebody out of the field, there is definitively an “ID” feel to some of those. I am just curious how you did end up here? Did somebody mentioned you had an ID style?

Good stuff. I would say keep on sketching and loosen up. Your pen and ink style looks vibrant and exciting. Collect some good sketch references of what you enjoy to further develop your sketch style.

Some of the sketches have weird perspective, but through practice you will develop an eye to catch weirdness. Loosening up, perspective lines and centerlines will help.

I like how you sketched arrows. With my job, I sketch a lot of arrows to explain how things work. Its important to communicate how something would move or open. Practice arrows in perspective. They really add to an exciting sketch.

Keep on sketching!

professional in my book you should be the one giving critiques or i think your good enough to give your own critiques. I would like to see more drawings from you nice work.