back to the drawing board...

Yep, got laid off today due to financial problems within the company. Now its back to the drawing board. After 6 months of real job experience should it be easier to find a job? I dont have anything to show from it (cad drawings, sketches…), because it was all conceptual work (confidential) and nothing went into production. Also, because I wasn’t laid off due to job performance, is it ok to tell prospective employers in my emails that I got downsized or should I just leave that part out. Thanks

If you were NOT laid off due to job performance then ask them from a letter of recomendation or ask your X-boss for a personal reference.

I did, he said I could use him as reference. That was the first thing I asked about since I knew I could take any of my renderings. So, that always helps. This was my first job out of school, so it was pretty unexpected. I had my review about a month ago and they liked what I was doing, i got a raise and it sounded like they wanted to keep me around for a while.- but, oh well, im sure there are plenty of people that have been in my shoes, so I just have to make the best of it. - thanks

Beefy, sorry 'bout your luck. Things are certainly picking up, at least if you look at the plethora of recent job postings recently.
Regardless, now you have “real world” experience, and that says a lot. For one thing, some company out there had enough faith in you to hire you at one point, which certainly helps when looking to other companys. At least you weren’t fired! Any severence pay? I would assume not so much since you weren’t there long.
If you are looking to stay in Florida, maybe look into the yachting industry. Seems to be big down there. Learn Rhino if you go this direction.
Just tidy up your portfolio, definately get that reference from your old boss, hold your chin up, and I’m sure you’ll be getting interviews soon.

Best of luck!

if that doesn’t work, go to the beach.