Back to mac event (Macbook air)

So im following engadgets live update, any one else? (ill update when better images arrive)

Macbook air looks pretty tight actually, caught me off guard. 11" which is a further leap in to the netbook market, but probably not price-wise.

I hear “No Hard Drive”…

Yeah, no HD , no optical drive. And thin as a M’er… Would probably work as a meatcleaver now.

SSD card.

Awww… but no Touch Screen. I’d have hoped when he said What if a MacBook and iPad hooked up, we’d get what we’ve been looking for here since the iPad came out.

I really hope they opened the show with this video:

Seems like they said “touchscreens will never be VERTICAL”, (Thanks jada) and then just moved on to the ipad. (i just saw the blog-stream, no QT in windows!)

Hands on pics from engadget added.

Yep, no touch on vertical surfaces is what they said. And I agree. It’s just not working in the long run. You get tired in the arm (and I hate it when people touch my screen leaving greasy marks :smiling_imp: ). More use of multi-touch on trackpad and mouse for next gen OS X it seems though.

Anyone else wish they had a black bezel around the display like the rest of the MB line?

I don’t like the black bezel. I like that they chose to have a silver frame. Black makes the whole thing look heavier.

Se xy: design.
Uns exy: non-upgradable, soldered SSD.

Jesus is this 1990? Can we turn off the filter that turns any word with s e x into s3x?

Not really, never liked the glossy screen it brings along.

Really nitpicking on the design, i wish the bezel was thinner. Seems a bit out of proportion to the rest.
Love the chop-stick profile though…

Wow, someone on Core complains about not having USB on both sides of the Mac laptops and Jobs drops a new Mac Air with USB on both sides. That’s customer service!

these look pretty stunning in the photos… The current air is still amazing in person and these new guys make that look like a fatty.

not really sure on the Lion app menu and that whole app on my mac thing. I guess it kind of makes sense to have 3 scales of app…

Welcome Macbook netbook. I’ve been waiting.

Now the question is will I ditch my 9" Dell Hackintosh that does 90% of the same thing and only cost $200? The dedicated GPU is a really big plus. The inability for most netbooks to handle fullscreen or high res flash video is a huge downer.

Not a fan of the silver bezel either, can’t wait to see one of these in person to experience the thinness my self.

< and eight on the front edge !? crazy talk

@Tarng, that’s funny I didn’t realize it was a filter and was always wondering why the hell people were all taking the time to type S3x in place of se x on this board. I’m guessing many it helps to stop the site from being blocked at some corporate spots…but still wack.

I’m surprised to see the air lives still. I thought Apple had said they weren’t interested in the netbook market. could be wrong there… but anyway i would have though the iPad would have made this thing redundant. The Apple product line is getting overcrowed to my taste.

“netbooks aren’t good at anything” - Sjobs @ the ipad release.

I’ve always seen the air as more of a learning experiment that has been commercialized. Like buying a prototype. I think it hints more at the future of laptops, but for me, is not a viable device in itself… in other words. I would never buy one. Pretty though!

I think you have a point there. The first macbook air was no success, but it introduced the unibody construction (very successful). For some reason Apple didn’t make any fuzz about it until the unibody macbook pro and alu macbook. So (like Apple already have hinted at), the macbook air probably shows us what’s to come for the rest of the range.

Question for the deeper followers of Jobs: What was the last product that Apple killed?

Technically speaking you could argue that with the Core Duo architecture (rather than the Intel Atom which all other netbooks are based) that this is a laptop in a netbook form factor.

The biggest downside on the netbook is how much media I want to consume on it and how awful it is at displaying full screen or HD video.

Don’t consider myself knowing too much about them, but the first one that comes to mind is the Apple Cube, but that was 10 years ago. Most others are just changes in the range/description or similar. (ibook, powerbook)

Some googling shows that the eMac was the last one to get killed off 2005, Correct me if im wrong.