Back to basics and simplicity

Oay so seeing everyone growth and development as well as some great sketches plain and simple, it has made it obvious to me that this is a skill set that i have let slide over the years. And my muscle memory for drawing has gone some what away. SO like many of you i will use this medium to try and force my self to improve, and also to go back to a stage where i found doing sketching to be therapeutic and relaxing. Now considering my age and how out of shape i am, i have decided to take er slow :laughing:

Couln´t agree more with "Therapeutic and relaxing "

more hand drawn sketches

This replicated sketches appear in a book called "Sketching the Basics, from Koos Eissen & Roselien Steur " .

A therapeutic time drawing these ones.

Don’t remember the exact source of the references but…here are more “back to Basics and simpliticty”.