Back at the Ranch

I continue to push that mudd uphill – navigating product innovations and inventions in the direction of market on behalf of my client inventors. And from my own piece of heaven in the forests of north Idaho I continue to keep my eyes open for a talented freelance IDer that wants to escape the urban rat race for the backwoods.

Well, Will’am… I’m not leaving God’s little half acre near Big Sur for no forest in northern Ideeho… but, whaddaya got?

I am a freelance Licensing Agent/Product Commercialization Consultant looking to expand the on-site scope of services offered to include product design/prototyping. I left my Metro surroundings 18 years ago for a place that actually looked like The Earth - and it sounds like you have have taken a similar path. I’ve been through your area, Big Sur, many a’ time - no complaints. The Woods - Not for everybody but it is a great family things, costs and pressures are lower, fewer headaches and hassles, and here in NW …well, it is pretty much the last open frontier for wildlife in the U.S. - excluding Alaska.

Here, trying to steer in the direction of assembling an on-site enclave of commercialization talent (invention development, IP dev) , all freelancers with their own client-base, collaborating as opportunities make sense.

Sounds like a design commune. I dig it!

Yeah, with each member of the group collaborating with one another as makes sense for each specific project that comes in the door. Generally - To the client we appear to be one cohesive group or firm. However, each consultant is autonomous and invoices separately. All of this from a ranch in the Idaho back woods.

That sounds pretty amazing: a change of setting and an interesting collaborative concept. I hope it works out for you!

Like I said above…I am keeping my eyes open for allied talent with a shared personal vision. Clarifying - it’s not a commune thing in the sense of the historic communes of the '60s. One might characterize this more as a “professional firm” (multiple thematic disciplines) with all parties at arms- length legally. However, with face to face proximity and the “roll up your sleeves” and work together thing right there (rather then having your “core” work group spread all over the country on the internet). And with work available to the specific team members that are appropriate to the needs of each invention development project that presents itself. A distant working relationship over the web is great - having both a core team in a face to face beautiful setting in the forest …and a distant work team over the web is better. My personal choice.