Back at it.

Due to some unexpected “time off” im back at it trying to get caught up on my personal projects… of course instead of advancing the ones i started i decided to do a new one :wink: trim / bed end bench and Head board to hopefully follow…


I finished an “entertainment center” a couple three weeks back. Tackling refinishing the basement next.

I love the coloring of the panels and the contour of the legs. very nice.

Most all edges are formed. I gave up on straight lines years ago. I don’t have the talent for that. :wink:

Whoa, nice!

Did you make the hardware for the sliding barn door yourself? I also dig the hardware on the coffee table legs! Do those metal posts span across the width and support that lower slab?

The aluminum used for the bottom shelf of the TV stand is 1 x 0.375. For the shelf it is essentially a tongue & groove joint, I cut a groove into the wood and the aluminum is the “tongue”. For the legs, it is a mortise & tenon joint, I cut a mortise in the wood and the aluminum is the tenon. I shaped the aluminum in the “front” to be appropriate. I then pinned the joint with some 0.25 aluminum round stock.

I made the door from reclaimed hardwood. Im not set up for metal working to the detail and tolerances and to have me design it and made for me would have been a ridiculous price so i cheated and bought it.


Come now. The door is awesome. Who expects anyone to have a blacksmith’s hearth setup?

When I get to the basement, I’m paying a guy to do the sheet rock. I’d just be slow and crappy. As Clint says, a man needs to know their limitations.