bachelor's final thesis. help?

so i have my bachelor’s final thesis this semister, and i’ve hit the wall… i honestly don’t know what subject i should pick,…
any advice?
right now i feel like the most hopless person in the world.
i know asking for ideas might sound stupid and childish, but a few advices might help. :frowning:

the problem is that i will probably need this thesis for my future graduate studies in another country, so it can’t be a simple and normal one, it has to be different and match the international standards…

i need your help oh fellow designers. i will probably post more questions during the semister. thanks .

Open up a newspaper and you’ll find plenty of problems in the world to work on. Pick one and see how design can solve the issues. Best of luck.

Thinking of the problem from a Global perspective is insightful and smart, great start.

Power generation, safe water supply, safety and security continue to be of utmost importance all around the world. Maybe pick one of those and apply an eco-friendly approach and keep cost of implementation at the forefront. Good design becomes icing on the cake.

What personal interest/hobbies do you have. It’s easier to do something you’re passionate about. What ID path do you want to do after graduation; furniture, social, soft products, etc…

To quote an IDEO maxim, begin anywhere. Just a general curiosity can lead you to many compelling explorations and design ideas.

I researched musical instruments (violins, then pianos) for 2 months, discovered all sorts of flexible variables that were perceived as unchangeable, but were really just based on dogma and tradition, and then started a piano design. It was a blast.

Another reason I did an instrument is because I wanted to do something I knew was unlikely to happen in the real world. This can be dangerous, because usually your BFA is a strong practical portfolio piece, but sometimes they can be effective just by showing what a great forward thinker you are.

hey guys, thanks for the the great advices,

@masood: i’ve been digging through journals and papers since that day, thanks.

@generate: thanks for the kind words and ideas, actually i did a earthquack disaster pack for my intern ship, the red cresent was interested in the idea and welcomed us to make the product come to life, unfortunately they redesigned the whole thing without informing us. that happens here in Iran, lol.

@nicanor: above all i’m intrested in product design, everyday life stuff, and then future concept design, i was raised on comic books and before entering ID i wanted to be a comic book artist, thankfuly it has helped me in my projects with creativeness, but it has done its share of damage too, since i cannot undrestand simplicity and keep adding details to the product until it’s so futuristic it cannot be made, i’ve been working on the problem though and i’ve had results, if i could
i’d probably design a transportation robot or some other robot, i doubt our faculty agrees on this subject.

@cameron: thanks, it was nice to read your experience, actually i’m abit too sci/fi thinker, same “can’t happen in the real world, maybe in the future” kinda guy. read my answer to nicanor and you’ll get what i say :smiley:,

QUESTION: cameron’s experience triggered this in my mind, i;ve not seen a lot of BA presentations in the portfolios, they are usually master thesis, does it mean it’s not very important and can i go wild with it? asuming i go my futuristic concept way?

Why do some people seem to be allergic to capitalizing the first letter in their sentences? It is neither cute nor unique. I had a designer working for me that insisted in emailing in all caps… he didn’t last.

Anyway, your thesis should show your capabilities and desires in design. This is a test run for what you can do. Be ambitious, and yes, go wild with it. Have fun with it!

One thing to note about mine is that my scope was a little too ambitious. I spend too much time on research, and didn’t have enough time left to design a piano. Something with meaningful research/user feedback that is smaller in scope (less design variables) might be better, so that way you can really refine your final design and make it professional and realistic as far as details go.

oh god.
i totally know, what you are talking about.
i just started working at my master degree and its already freaking me out.
i’m also still in the phase of the thesis’ designing, but i am also being supported by a very very good prfoessor, who is really caring and patient with me.
so thats really important. make sure that there is some one there for u too.

Please just stay away from things that are (by necessity) heavy on engineering, like windmills, and water purification.

how about robotic toys?

That should be fine, since the form itself is not directly dictated by function (like windmills, etc). But you may want to consider if people viewing the completed project in your portfolio will be disappointed if they don’t see it in motion, especially if the movement is a key part of your story.