Bachelor thesis with company


next summer term I would like to start my bachelor thesis in industrial design preferable in cooperation with a company.
Does anyone have experience with this?
Which companies offer to do a bachlor thesis in cooperation with them?
In general I would prefer companies in Germany.


Typically it is not something offered, but something you have to go get. I got my bachelor thesis sponsored by Nissan, mainly because one of their designers taught a summer program I attended, my professor knew a few people, and I wrote a few letters to people asking for any help possible. To my surprise they not only agreed but were super helpful, flying out at the mid term to review my progress, doing phone reviews, and for the final they sent me a case of modeling clay and two days before the review 2 clay sculptors to perfect my surfaces and die knock paint the entire 1/4 model! Amazing.

So, do some research and find some designers at companies in Germany you respect, write them letters asking for their help and why they should do it, and it might work out. You just have to ask.

Michael gives good advice.
I’d also add that when you do contact a company/designer, make sure you show why you want to work with them.
Don’t write a generic email but present a bit of a plan right away.

What you also could consider is to partner with a consultancy.
I know Veryday in Sweden and Phoenix in Germany are doing this.

For my Masters Thesis I had a few sponsors but I had to actively seek them out and make a pitch.

Useful information

Hi Melanie,

I know that Adidas and BMW are willing to work with students for their final bachelor’s and master’s projects.
The project will be fully confidential and you have to develop a specific research/design theme for the company that also fits your own skills and motivation. You will need a very good portfolio so make sure you are prepared before contacting anyone. Emar Vegt was one of my fellow students and he joined BMW after doing a master project with them. He can likely point you to the right people: