Bachelor Project


My name is Hans Christian, and Im new to Core77.
I am about to start on my “bachelors” project, which will end 12th of December 06. Im an industrial design student. currently on my third year of my masters degree at Oslo School of Architecture and Design.

I am a sneakerhead, and a softcore collector :slight_smile: And my dream has always been to create my own footwear, my own brand. So this is my opportunity to include a big hobby of mine into a school project.

My first questions to you are concerning production of my prototype.
We have some excellent workshops at my school, and I hope to be able to do most of the production myself. But anyway, I need tips on moulding the sole and sewing the top.

I know there are a lot of mistakes I can do, and I would highly appreciate any tips to make my work easier and more time-saving.

If anyone can recommend any books on shoemaking, or if you have any pictures taken from and during the process of makin a shoe, that would help my alot!

I have noticed that members inside Core77 are people with high skills working for international brands like Nike and Hummel :slight_smile: My dream excactly.

I will start with this for today. Excuse my English. I know its not perfect.

Best regards Hans Christian