Bachelor Degree VS Diploma/Certificate

What do you all think? which matters most?

It depends on the program and your background. If you don’t haven’t completed a degree in anything then go for the BFA. Many times you can’t get in the door without a bachelor’s degree.

If you have a bachelor’s degree (and assuming its a decent certificate program) then you can do the certificate. You should have some prior skills in art or design before you start the program. (Again I am assuming the certificate is 2 years. Anything less is too short. You won’t learn enough in a shorter period of time.)

A year long diploma/certificate in Digital Design at Vancouver Film School?

And what is the demand for the work you are looking for? If the demand is high and you have a strong reel, no problem. If the job situation is weak then it could be tough.

You are competing with those who have degrees. What do you think.

I have completed my graduation in Computer Studies, have a passion for design so that is why I want to join VFS for something short and at the same time industry driven?

But I am puzzled by the idea that after I complete my one year diploma I won’t land on any great jobs? What do you think?

There are no short cuts. Do you really think you that 1 year of education is going to equal 4 years? You need to put yourself in the employers shoes and re-read my last post.

I’m afraid you will not get a design job, maybe production but you will still be competing with those who have a 4 year degree.