BACH=GRAD? lost in translation

Hey there,

I need some help with the american academic system!

I’m currently a graduate product designer holding a Bachelor of arts (first hons) of a UK university (4 yrs):
I was looking some masters in the US but then I realised that there’s a different path here in the US (in europe right after a Bachelor you can do a Master/post-graduate), I can see some US universities offering undergraduate/graduate programs and masters.

The question is, can I acces to a MA from my european Bachelor? Is a Bachelor equivalent to a GRAD or UNDERGRAD?

I would really appreciate your help,

undergrad means pre-Bachelors.
but sometimes people say “I did my undergrad at…” meaning that’s where thier first degree came from.
a grad degree means Masters. people usually provide context


Your bachelor’s degree is equivalent to an undergrad here. So go ahead and apply to any grad/masters program. Doesn’t hurt to check with the school first either.