Baby instructions

I thought this was hilarious. A co-worker found this today while doing some research. Enjoy

that’s great, thanks. I got no babies, but you learn something new everyday. had no idea putting a baby in the dryer was a bad idea. J/K. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


laughing so hard I almost puked, had to stop reading, this is a good one.

Very informative, could have used this about 14 months ago…

Just to let everyone know…It is not okay to put you baby in a book bag. Like you said learn something new everyday.

or use your baby as a bookbag, i might add :wink:


For more of that type of fun is awesome
My wife and I keep wanting to send some
ideas to them based on our baby hap’s and

They even have these instructions on the baby’s cloths just in case you forget.