BA Product Design vs. BEng in Industrial Design?

I am in the process of choosing what type of degree I would like to study at in university.
However, I am stuck between taking:

BA/Bsc Product Design
BA/BEng in Industrial Design

Any advice with taking an Bach. in Engineering over Bach. in Art… esp with Industrial Design?

I see Engineering as being much more challenging as I have to learn all the math/physics but I see it as opening up more opportunity and will give me a more rounded degree.

I went to a BEng Industrial Design open day today and its fascinated me so much - but I dont know why…

I see Art as being a little easier for me, with aesthetics but I don’t feel I will learn in depth…


Having gone the art school route, and being out for 15 years and having worked for several large global companies, I can tell you that I have almost never encountered a graduate of a more engineering based program who didn’t just get sucked into engineering.

I think your perceptions of what an art based program is are very off. You should visit a few schools and talk to the students and look at their work.

In all fairness, I have just come out of art school (finishing my first year in fine art)… I have been speaking to people from a broad spectrum - hence why I am slightly confused.

I s’pose it depends if I want to be more hands on or not, experimenting with materials etc

I have a bachelors in industrial design engineering which is a mix between design engineering and industrial design. In my case, we studied a mix of things like manufacturing techniques, prototyping, statics, mechanisms and frame construction with product design, sketching, research and project planning. The outcome of that were feasible projects compared to what sometimes happens with industrial design concepts which could be far from being manufacturable.

However, I don’t know how your uni works so you better do what Yo suggested. Talking to people who studied there or checking graduation projects from past years would give you an overall idea of what you could do when you graduate. Don’t worry about maths/physics, it shouldn’t be that complicated.