[b]Transfer b/w schools for Graduate ID Student[/b]

Hi All,

I am extremely passionate about ID. I am thinking of shifting my career to ID. My current portfolio is very basic. I am good at sketching and I have knowledge of a few modeling software’s. So that’s about the content in it. I have very few product sketches. But I strongly believe that with guidance and practice I can do really well. I am confident. :slight_smile:

I currently hold an engineering degree and have worked for 5 years. At this stage in my career, it’s extremely important to graduate from not just a good school but a great school, which has low fees and good job placements, as I will have to pay back heavy education loan. I know it’s not easy. I applied to very few ID schools. I got an admit in SCAD with only $5000 aid per year to do Masters in ID (MFA). They want me to do quarter extra with the below subjects:

  1. Human Factors in Industrial Design
  2. Industrial Design in the Marketplace
  3. Industrial Design Studio Methods

Tuition Fees at SCAD for an international student is very high. Also, I learnt that SCAD does allow students to work off campus; on campus jobs are few and pay less. Apart from this, as its known ID is an expensive course also. So I am basically stuck with the money crisis! :cry:

I am glad that SACD is asking me to do some basic courses as I think it will help me bridge the gap b/w Engineering and ID. So my future plans of action: Join SCAD for fall this year - work hard for a couple of quarters and work towards making a good portfolio - Try for a School that is less expensive than SCAD. I am dreaming, so maybe ACCD!

My questions :arrow_right:
1)Is it easy or difficult to transfer from one school to another while pursuing masters in ID for an international student who has an engineering bachelor degree background?
2)Are transfer students eligible for any sort of aid at their new university?
3)What are the other processes involved in a transfer?
4)Are transfers based on any situation or can anyone apply to schools that accept students who would like to shift in between their course?

Is it possible at all? Should I go ahead and try to execute my plan? Any suggestions or help or any information to share… I will be very glad…I cannot afford (in terms of money) two years at SCAD! It’s a risk… is it worth while taking? :unamused:

Which other school did you applied? Were you only accepted at SCAD?

I applied to UIC & Georgia tech for the 3yr MID program. unfortunately did not make it either palaces… :confused: :cry:

I am allowed to push my admission in SCAD by 2 quarters. Does anyone know of any ID graduate school that accepts winter or Spring admission for a non design graduate .

Eagerly awaiting some suggestions and advice.

I am not sure about the off campus work situation. Do you have a work permit?
I understand you are an international student.

Yes. I am an international student. So I will not have a work permit. I will be there on a Student Visa. So I understand that working off campus would not be allowed for me I guess.

This is highly irregular, and I doubt any credits would transfer.

without a bachelors in ID it will be just as impossible to transfer into University’s as gain initial admission.

Art schools are more open, and will probably depend on the progress in your portfolio, but as I said you’d probably be looking at another 2 years at the transfer school.

Hmm…I don’t understand very well how this works. If I do join SCAD, I will working towards a masters in ID . so there have to be some common courses. also I don’t mind getting a transfer into an art school . ACCD and many good colleges are Art schools against universities . I plan to work on improving my portfolio from the very beginning.

Aren’t there any cases like mine here at all ? I am really hoping this would be possible. I hope someone can throw some light on this…

actually graduate coursework can vary greatly from school to school.

remember design is not like the sciences, where there’s an increasingly complex larger “body of knowledge” to gain mastery of.
your purpose with a masters is to pick one aspect of ID and focus in.

credits gained for teaching an undergraduate class at SCAD will count for nothing elsewhere, thesis research credits will not neccessarily transfer either because they were not approved by your new comitte. there are no short cuts and at the graduate level, attempting them is verbotten.

SCAD can challenge you more than you think, it’s a very good school and I’ve worked with their graduates, they have a reputation for letting undergrads who don’t push themselves slide - but that’s not true for Grad’s.

Thank you no_spec, for reinstating for me that SCAD is a good school to do Grad education. :slight_smile:
I am really looking forward to learning and understanding ID. The only reason I would want a transfer from SCAD is because I wont be able to afford the finances there, if I don’t get any additional aid.:confused: If by some means I can convince to school to help me with it, then I would be very happy.

These are the subjects for MFA in ID at SCAD :

So I was thinking maybe after I am done with 6 courses apart from my bridge course, I could try for a transfer ? and the credits would also transfer right ? What do you say ? Transfers do happen b/w grad school, doesn’t it ? its not like its not possible at all. I agree it might not be very often . :neutral_face:

there really is no reason for a grad program to accept transfer credits, certainly not core credits, you may get a few as electives only.

remember where you went to school does not matter nearly as much as your portfolio!

when you finish, a schools name will not get you hired, it’s the work in your portfolio, that’s what counts: sketching - ideating - thought process - communication skills - PROBLEM SOLVING.

SCAD is fully capable of giving you all of this, if you work hard you, you should have no problem paying off your student loans.