[b]The best Catia V5 book that I have found so far.[/b]

The best Catia V5 book that I have found so far.

I have been a Design Engineer on Catia for over 20 yrs.
I had to switch to Catia V5 a couple of years ago. It has been a struggle.
I have been thru schools and bought all kinds of books.
I found a great one and I thought that I should share.

It’s a pocket reference book on Catia V5.
It has been invaluable to me in learning Catia V5.
It’s so easy to follow.

Check out www.v5flipbook.com
just wanting to help.

just wanting to help and sell your book you mean.


Posting under the name Tony and then linking to a website with a similar description written by the author Tony Hughes is pretty dumb.

It’s even sadder is that in your initial post you claim to have “found a great book” and then go on to say that it has been “invaluable to me in learning Catia”.


by the way - hire a graphic designer. You may be able to use Catia but you’re a terrible interface designer.

Your Wrong
My name is Tony but I am not the author.
This is just a book that helped me out, I wanted to share.
I thought that this would we a decent site to share info and help people
It not seems that this too is loaded with some school children that are always negative…
good luck in your future, I see that you just want to do it on your own.
Ive seen people like you come and go.

I saw that book, A guy at Chrysler had one.
I agree the website needs work , But I think that Im gonna get one of those. It was pretty cool and easy to read.
Hey anything that can help the transformation

One guy shows up and starts posting a Buy This Book thread in three sections of the forum who also just happens to have his homepage listed as the book he’s endorsing and now another complete noob to Core whose first post is “I saw it and I’m going to buy one cuz it’s really good”.

Is the world so gullible?

How about we give our own endorsements? Something like this –

I saw that book too and it sucks big time. It didn’t make any sense when I tried to learn from it and because I thought it would help me learn CATIA, I thought I could meet my boss’s deadline. Instead I stayed extra hours and still didn’t get my project done. Not even close! Then I was fired!!! F*cking book.

And why keep these opinions on Core? We can spread our opinions all over the net.


even if catia takes over trans. the book’s of no help in the ProE word the rest of us live in…


Your Core Profile lists the book’s homepage as your personal website.

Perhaps you may want to change this if you are going to continue to lie about your identity.

More testimonials!

I cannot recommend this book. I was so confuzed by it that I used it to kill my girlfriend and her boyfriend. Then I killed her family. And her pet hamster /between the pages/. Then I went on a very bad rampage in my neighborhood. Finally I took a neighbor hostage holding this book to their head. Lucky for me the police person talked me out of using my book. Now I am in prison.