Holy balls! that thing screams awesomeness.

I’d drive that thing all over, especially if I could get neon blue. Who cares, I like those lines.

I would like to see some ideas for bare bones transportation mobiles that still look mean…I despise shoebox shaped cars, because a small car can still look cool.

It’s a Neon.

Good points, I must say you are Correct for the most part but designers are people to so untill we start to realize our roles as forecasters and providers of what is to come we will just keep on drawing.

Upper mannagement does make the decisions, but upon whos ideas are they deciding, ours.

I think that soon Designers are going to have much more control over final outcome of a companies bottom line.

Companies are going to have to realize that design will have to run through out their entire establishment instead of being just a department within.

Sorry aboout the Guilt trip it not like me to do that its just a touchy subject Its just that designers have so much potential to change things and most of the time its supressed by a big wigs fear of innovation.

again good points Bill

That Citroen is a sweet ride - the chrome kick plates are awesome, the wheels are really cool - I like how the headlights transition to the vent below - very cool - my only complaint is the chrome accent going back to the driver side window - I would have liked to see the A pillar one element, the chrome would work if they were to do that - that’s just me though - it looks to busy around that A pillar (why am I doing product instead of cars when I’m so gifted at cars? why?)

I agree that this car looks bad … but look at the price point. what car at this price point (available in US) looks good?

why should cheap cars look bad? I dont see why a cheap car can’t have some cool flair without costing a ton. Sure it’s mostly looks, like buying designer knock-offs at wal*mart, but I’d rather have cheap but good car that looked cool than a cheap but good car that looked like a POS.