2006 Honda Civic

That picture of Karim with the glasses looks really gay - it looks like he has lipstick on too, did you do that to him?

It’s true about the civic being boring - they have started to look better though, you don’t have to be wild to look good - look at the passat - very simple, conservative body, but it looks good - or the saab 93, or the new Audis, without that huge grill though, what were those guys at Audi thinking with that huge grill?? They had just gotten the rest of the car right, and then they go and mess up with the grill - for shame!

Hondas in general don’t have the sharpest designs - I think they are more focused on engineering the cars to go forever than some of the other car makers - the Europeans seem to put more into the look (and less into the engineering), and the americans seem to not care about either looks or engineering :laughing: there are exceptions - Chrysler has a lot of sweet designs.

One more thing - as a guy I could never drive one of those Civics - how immasculating - why don’t you just put a sign on it saying “pushover”

One other sign you could put on it is “my girlfriend picked this out for me”!

Yeah you can say all that with one car - how efficient - one other thing I think you left out is “I’ve never been laid”! ah ha ha

Um, yeah, well I just got a Civic Hybrid a few weeks ago and am basking in the glory of a 50mpg car. Had a 2000 Civic Si before that and I thought it was pretty darn cool.

The new body is conservative for a reason. Vanilla design works for most people that see a car as simple transportation. The Civic is a good car with a tasteful exterior. Nothing more, nothing less. Look at the numbers…it seems to work quite well.

Why not get a Geo Metro - supposedly those get 57 mpg on 3 cylinders - and it looks super cool.

The Si version looks sweet though.

bucket of poop can look sweet in professional lighting and photoshopped.

Go to europe. You’ll see people don’t have to drive private living rooms around like fat americans do. There are some darn cool small cars over there. Marketing has simply brain-washed us into believing that cool and desirable cars must have 20" wheels, v8’s and be able to climb over walls. Oh, and be able to tow a huge boat, carry 9 people and have 20 cupholders. None of it is necessary. Give me a small car with amenities and I’d be happy.

The Geo isn’t made any more. It was a piece of crap anyhow. Why do small cars have to be seen as cheap and boring?

Wrong, poop still looks like poop.

I’ll keep my comments to the design…

I saw the coupe concept (mockup) at the NYC auto show, and it was a snoozer. There were more people crowded around the Charger, the new Jeeps, etc. the civic si concept was forgettable.

As far as these pics go - I think the 4-door looks OK, until you get to the back doors. The car looks pinched at the rear, and very light. The front is very bottom heavy and Cab Forward, and then the back is quite wispy.

The coupe just looks very bottom heavy. And the industry trend to seperate the fenders from the hood… in this case it just leaves the hood one featurless mass. That troubles me. I guess safer cars have less glass and windshield-forward designs. Remember the 1989 civic si? ahhh.

Some cars say “guy” and some cars say “girl”
The largest market for civics is women (70 to 80 percent).
the mini is cool, and I’m sure handles like a dream, but this is America, not Europe - you’re right, context is big - thats why a mini might be cooler in Europe, but I wouldn’t consider it here (using the Mini as an example).

Not like all guys have to drive a hummer, to the contrary - a guy driving an accord - that’s cool, pretty boring but at least big enough to be a guy car - I guess what I’m saying is this - Guys are bigger than women - a guy driving a small car is like a dude riding a donkey when he could ride a horse.

Throw some motion blur and lens flare in there and that poop could look pretty awesome. :laughing:

I dunno, i think it is a marked improvement over the last model, which was dull as an unsharpenned pencil.

The back especially looks cool, and, I hate to say it, but the Euro spec one looks way cooler.

us spec

euro spec

more info and pics:


The tail lights on the 4 door look pretty sweet - somewhat like a BMW - by the way, what is with the BMW designers going with the tail lights that are offset (don’t line up) between the fender and the trunk (they must think it’s a design cue for them but it just looks bad).

I’d have to disagree, the 4 door looks cleaner - the hatchback - what’s with the divider on the back window - only the Mercedes has pulled that off well, that is the only car to ever do it right. And not sure I like the one swoosh for the tail lights on the hatchback - too skinny horizontally.

One other thing, on the front fender - I think it’s cool what they did with the hood and how it transitions - cab forward, very interesting transition, but with that said, it makes the hood look too small, the civic is very small as it is, and that feature makes it look even smaller (that’s what was so cool about the 2003 Volkswagen Jetta - they made a small car look bigger than it was).

I,m happy to see that there is one person in here that talks about cars for what they are.

6ix much respect.

Im still amazed at the fact that as our oil crisis is on the verge of festering out of control and our vehicles seem to multiply in size. While many of the people who design them are concerned mostly with style and looks and not impact of what a car is.

OOps did i say design, I ment Draw or Render!

Cars don’t say “Guy or Girl”, people do.

as far as a “guy” or “girl” car - I just tell it like it is - if you’re a guy you can prove my point by driving a volkswagen rabbit convertible and listen for the snickers (I’m not saying it’s right, but that’s how it works).

As far as styling a car - that’s what designers do, obviously they should push for 0 emissions cars but they’re not engineers, or upper management making the decisions about what technology goes into the new engines - car designers are stylists, to lay a guilt trip on them is misplaced - designers (unless high up the food chain) don’t make decisions over the powertrains of cars.

Upper management only makes decisions in reaction to what the market wants (that’s capitalism, good or bad) and until the public demands super efficient cars they won’t get them.

too bad America won’t get anything like this: