Axiotron Modbook Pro

Pretty sweet. Maybe not $5k sweet, but pretty sweet:

I wonder how much a true Apple version would cost? I’m thinking there wouldn’t be much of a difference :slight_smile:

I’ll be at MacWorld to check it out. Even though I just bought the big Cintiq, I’m curious about this. And how many levels of pressure sensitivity it has over the last Modbook, I doubt it will be more then 512. It looks cool.

It looks cool. I can’t get over the fact that they don’t have the programmable hotkeys like the cintiq. It seems like Wacom would make a killing(not that the don’t already) if they made a slate style tablet PC like the modbook while keeping the cintiq interface(keys, touchstrip). 5k? Nahhhh.

Axiotron’s site is also saying that they have partnered with Autodesk and each system comes loaded with Sketchbook Express 2009.

What the heck is Sketchbook Express? Or I should have asked, what’s the difference from Sketchbook Pro? From their site, it looks the same. Autodesk has no mention of that I can find on their site. It must be a simple marketing thing to make it sound exclusive to Axiotron.

i think sketchbook express is what happens when the trial expires… tee hee

I found a vid of some guy that is really excited about getting his modbook (old one, lame).

I saw one once in real life, it was cool, but a little expensive. I mean Mac’s are a lot to begin with (compared to PC’s).

I saw the new Modbook Pro at MacWorld today.

It’s very cool, design wise as they did a new case for the entire externals rather then reuse the lower portion of the Macbook case like they currently do. Unfortunately, they had only 2 there and they were in glass cases. They didn’t have a working one that we could try.

This was my first experience to try their current ModBooks. I have recently purchased a Wacom Cintiq 21" so I am familiar with how Sketchbook Pro works and behaves. I did a typical doodle there on the ModBook and it draws very well! I sketched cubes and a cigar shaped form with the pencil and shaded with the airbrush. I was actually very impressed. It was fast, no lag, and no cursor jitter near the edges. I tried 2 different ones.

It would take some getting used to because it does not have the Express keys for zooming and such, you’d have to set that up another way. From my experience there, if I have not bought the Cintiq, I would seriously consider this.

What I had not gotten a good sense of though was how the 512 verse 1024 levels of sensitivity comes into play. I tried varying the pressure on the pen and got a good range of line width quality using the default pencil. Of course, I’m still new to my Cintiq, so I have not gotten to a level that I could probably see a difference.

Bottomline, I am considering looking for a Macbook Pro with a damaged display or case to buy used so I could send it into Axiotron to convert into a tablet. They replace the display anyway on the Pro model. It’s just very pricey for the Pro conversion verses the MacBook conversion. So I’m considering that route too if I find that my client work takes me more on the road. I am surprisingly lusting for it! And I think it’s potentially a better option then the 12" Cintiq.

I’m a Mac centric studio, so this is an exciting option. But it will run Windows or Vista.

edit: Forgot to mention, Sketchbook Express 2009 is simply a lighter version of Sketchbook Pro. I didn’t spend enough time with it to see what the differences were, but it seemed mostly there.

i was curious about this too, and from what i found, Express only allows you to have 3 layers; upgrading to Pro will give you unlimited layers.

i too am secretly lusting for a Modbook Pro. like you, if i can find a good deal on a possibly screen damaged later model MBP, that would be ideal to convert.