Today I find something unique and brilliant : First not honourable award for the bad product design OOPS DESIGN AWARD !!!
I think it is very important problem : dictature of bad,ugly,silly or useless products on market, at fairs and in magazines .Kitch,silly glamour and stupid shocking design seize all around.Look ,for example, at famous DEZEEN online-magazine.40 % of all published products or bad designed,or ugly,or silly etc.Whats happen ?
BRAVO to the award organizers !!! It is right time to clean a swamp.
I will become an member of their team and vote for award nominees.Sure,such award is important for product design future.

wow, now there is a bitter post…

anyway, I guess what is “ugly” and “silly” is very much in the eyes of the beholder.
I check out the link and had a chuckle but I think that the products posted there blur the lines between art and design.
I respect vionary designer. The dutch and the swedes seem to be favorites…

I checked out the site thinking this would be a bad product design award, but found only 1 “mass” produced product. everything else is art, most of which i found to be pretty cool as art. i do think it would be interesting/funny to see awards for truely bad product design but this time with real products we find on the shelves of our stores.[/i]

Just be careful how you talk about it, you never know if the person sitting next to you (or the one signing your checks) designed it. We’re in a small field :slight_smile:


While I didn’t like many of the things there, they definitely had their own value as statement pieces, and most of them were not what I would consider design.

That intestine table was creepy as heck!

LOL thats true it would all good fun and funny until something that you designed showed up on there.

not sure if that’s your website design hobo, but if it is, you should correct your spelling and grammar. I understand english is not a first language for this designer, but it comes across as an angry illiterate rant against products which are designed as concepts or one off art pieces.

perfectly valid design, just not for actual manufacture and market.

I get answer from one of the founders of this award and she report that :

1.All products images you see there organizers receive from OOPS DESIGN AWARD FOUNDATION members,ODAF is a group of the design professionals and fans from all the world.Organizers only publish nominees and even not participate in voting.More,anyone can offer own nominees for award and vote ! Real peoples choice award,I think.
2.Organizers not make any difference between design and art-design because products authors indicate itself as designers,not artists ,and these products participate in design fairs and published in various magazines as "product design"or "furniture design " or "lighting design"etc. Also organizers not make difference between “mass” and “not mass” products because it depend only of quantity of products,not quality of design.Product is product in any case.

May be “ugly” or “silly” it is personal view,but some of these products really UGLY and SILLY.

I disagree with a lot of those nominations.

You should concentrate on products with little or no design input on them, as the current nominees are quite conceptual and you are ignoring the importance of conceptual design on other designers. I would concentrate on nightmarish chip and pin machines, bad cash machines. what should be in this award are the objects we interact with on a daily basis and clearly is overly complicated, hard to operate or just plain non-nonsensical.

Also your site sucks.

This is a poor attempt to link bait by pretending to be someone other than one of the original 3 founders. I have deleted the link and am locking the discussion.

Adam, if you are found link baiting again, you will be banned.