Average Salary for Junior Designer

My contract is currently up for renewal, and I’m wondering what the average salary for a Junior with 9 months of experience would be in the UK. I am currently on £15,000 producing some very good work (so I’m told!)

Any help would be much appreciated.


Drew Logan


Also depends on location, that would be extremely low for london.

Are you in London? If you are, you should be getting some “London allowance” on top of your wages, to let you survive there financially. Another thing is, what are your work hours? If you are working more than 48 hours a week and are getting this wage, then there is definitely something not right and you should talk it over with your boss.

I don’t know why are design salaries so low, but I guess it is some sort of an incentive to push you into some managerial/directive post which is higher paid and has more responsibility. Maybe that was developed so that one individual could finish a junior level work after a couple of years, and then some other junior from college would take his/her place later.


I would say somewhere in the region of £20-22,000 is probably pretty usual for a new Junior Design position. I and my close friends are all in this ballpark a year after graduating