Average salary for graphic/web design teachers/professors.

Anyone have an idea of how much a professor of graphic design or web design can make on the average?

Thank you.

It really depends on a number of factors:

  1. State School / Private School / Technical School

  2. Level of Experience ( prior teaching experience / years in career field )

  3. Notoriety ( ie. if you are an established designer, and especially if you have been published in some way like a book, magazine articles, etc )

There are also different levels as some professors are associate and others are tenured. Tenured professors will always make more but are expected to do more in return like help run departments. If I had to guess Id say a good starting point would be around 50,000. With experience and tenure that could go well over 100,000 but you have to pay your dues to get there.

Larger private schools will probably pay the most, followed by state schools, and finally techincal colleges.

Unfortunately no college professor will ever make the millions of dollars that people in the athletic departments make. Basketball and Footbal coaches will always rake in the most cash, followed by the university prisidents or provosts, then deans of individual colleges within the university and so on. It’s a corporate ladder all to its own.

around 55,000 is about right. I doubt it goes into 6 figures, not for a design prof. Maybe if you are an M.D but not design!

Teaching doesn’t pay all that well. Those who do it full time are not in it for the money. Better off teaching part time and doing consulting.