Average project length?

Super busy in the midst of our latest footwear collection with an incredibly tight timeline (concept to final sample in 5 months), I was wondering about how long professional projects in other industries are, on average?

I remember from working in a design consultancy on consumer proejcts that things could vary from anything from 2 weeks for design concepts to 1yr+ for full concept, design and technical solutions on hi tech products.

Feel free to give examples what kind of projects you work on (ie. consumer product, high tech, toys, etc), what kind of deliverables (concept sketches, cad, etc.) and what kind of a design environment you work in (consultancy, corporate, etc.)

I’d be interested to see the project cycle in other design industries by comparision.

For me, (footwear), I usually work on an approx. 6 month timeline from concept to final sample, but the design process is usually only weeks (if that, from brief to final design). the rest of the time is specs, waiting for prototype samples, review and tech design and prototype molds.

The good (and bad) thing is I always know there is another season to do when i finish one season, so my whole calendar year is pretty cyclical and predictable to some extent. (ie. I know production will always be in dec for SS, june for FW, new designs always start in dec and july, etc…).