Avant-garde art museum/festival/fair?

All of us know that art is a good source of inspiration. Therefore next question; what are your touch points with avant-garde art? And is there an art-equivalent to Salone Internazionale del Mobile and Design Museum in London? I’d guess Documenta in Kassel and Tate Modern, but that’s just a guess…

A nice blog to get things started; http://happyfamousartists.blogspot.com/ (not sure if it’s avant-garde though)

Burning Man?

What’s avant-garde art these days? Underground?

With avant-garde I meant new artistic visions or new visions upon the arts as a discipline, regardless of commercial success or acceptance.

http://www.mapmagazine.co.uk/ → I found this in Tate today, unfortunately it’s not monthly…

And what about English art fairs/festivals; is there an alternative to Documenta?
Would that be the Liverpool Biennial?

There is no true Avant-Garde today – Avant-Gardism (as we understand it) is a Modern term.

In the Post-Modern context, the Avant-Garde holds no more importance than banality; originality has no more value than imitation.

The line between art and design has become blurred.

Marcel Wanders

Studio Job

Zaha Hadid

Ron Arad

Andrea Branzi

Ettore Sottsass