AV Equipment / Furniture

I’m doing a furniture project for audio / video equipment. I want to know what you do. How does your system fit together and how unified is it?

Is there gear you wish had a better storage space? What is hard to work around?

How does your Laptop fit in the picture? Do you use it for pics, movies, and music? If so, does any of that transfer to your living room TV.

If you’re a college student, how important is it for you to have mobile AV storage?

What are people doing with their DVDs? Is it all on external hard drives?

Any other input appreciated!

ok, here’s some input:

do your own research.

lazy designers suck.

lazy design students are even worse.

I’m not looking for advice like this, but thanks for your input.
Your claims are true - I don’t believe they apply here.

The Core 77 discussions are a place for designers to chat about design and design-related research. My intention for posting this query is to reach outside the “box” and see what others think.

you need to paint some scenarios to design from. your questions have obvious answers. what you should be asking yourself is what is the current solution(s), what is on the horizon, technology-wise, and what are items in the current marketplace that are not being addressed.

next you need to try to gain some very real experience by moving beyond your demographic and imagine the consumer who would really want to buy this.

when you can alter the methodology of how someone interacts with their tecnology and how them interact with your design, that’s when you start to create something special and beyond the everyday.

good luck.

College students are poor, mostly rent furnished rooms, and acquire their furniture from curbside trash pickup. If your business plan consists of selling AV furniture to students, I hope you already have plenty of money, because you’re going to lose a bunch of it. If this is a school project, tell your teacher they are ripping you off.

Apart from that, I agree with KFJ- asking a bunch of designers in a forum is not research. I still have a 27" CRT TV, but I wouldn’t recommend using that data point for anything.