auzzy designers

man what is up with those lights from that auzzy “workshopped” exhibition

they look like enormous sea creatures

who would want enormous steel sea creatures hanging from theyre roof?

sigmund the seamistress maybe

these ones? yeah they remind me o somnething out of spongenerd squarepant

let the world see your designs

i agree, lets see your designs

I dont know why you have to be such a negatarian.
All of those pieces look great.
The lights make a huge impact.

Stop blame storming to hide your own lack of talent.

Those aussies are really coming along.
great work guys!
I think thats where Karim Rashid was born.

Let me guess the “negatarian” are from the US of A


im americano

and thanks to you auzzie boys for helping us out in Iraq…

you guys keep doing what you’re told and ya’ll do great in the new world order

Idiot- What does Iraq have to do with the design?

Instead of making those ridiculous critizing let us see what
you design in terms of Furniture or something similar.
By the way I think all that “iraq shit” is totally out of place in here (you sound really like a stupid brainless american)
adios amigo

This place can get very negative.

all i’m saying is that the auzzies are good whipping boys for us in iraq. they are helping us oppress those that dont subscribe to our way of life.

they are doing it without question or fear.

if only the rest of the world would do what they were told!

Do us and do yourself a favor
Visit Australia and find out how the Australian people is. Once you visit their land you come back and share your impressions bout the land from down under and its people. Meanwhile we`ll be right here waiting
Good luck