Automotive T-shirt Project

Hi guys!

I have been working pretty hard lately on automotive based t-shirt designs. Starting in early 2013(hopefully) they will be available to purchase!

The problem that I am stuck with right now is the website. I have a domain, theme(using wordpress). I just can’t seem to find the time to sit down and learn it from the bottom up. I wanted to ask you guys, does anyone have experience building a simple ecommerce site through bluehost using wordpress?

Integrating the products and adding carts and all that fun stuff is where I’m stuck. I’m currently using the plugin WooCommerce. Is this a good one to use, any other suggestions?

Any help and time would be greatly appreciated. If interested in helping me with this as a commission, please email me at and we can discuss more details.

I am really excited about this and I don’t want to reveal what I have to everyone until it is functional and complete!

Thanks and I hope to get some responses!!

I just link to a Store Envy account from my wordpress blog:

Very simple and a good “quick fix”.

Thanks and cool stuff. I would like mine to be apart of the site and not just simply a store that opens when you visit the site

Good luck! Nice work on your site!

Well, my blog isn’t the site I’m working on.

J6- what brand of t-shirts are you selling your on currently? Which do you recommend?

I only use the American Apparell 50/50 shirts. They are thinner than Hanes Beefy-T’s and don’t shrink at all.

[quote=“J6Studios”]I only use the American Apparell 50/50 shirts. They are thinner than Hanes Beefy-T’s and don’t shrink at all.

Soft and comfortable as well? I’ve heard a lot of good things about that brand

I’m 6’2" and these shirts fit great. Most other shirts start to shrink and get larger at the bottom but these fit perfect. They are pricey if you buy them at a store but not bad wholesale or through your silk-screener.

I too like the Amerian Apparel T-Shirts, but I also find (perhaps being slightly vain at times) that other details like the stitching or collar design can make a decision whether I like or LOVE a T-shirt when it sits on my torso. Little small tweaks like a random thread colour, or zig- zag stitch design seem to mean a lot to me and I often look for these when scouring through rails in Winners or Marshalls…!

Hey everyone,

For the past year I have been working on custom automotive t-shirts. Today I am excited to announce that the website and pre-order have begun.

I will be getting back to car sketching now!

Thanks everyone!

Hey Mason, I think if you wanted to imbed images of the tees and share the design portion of it, then Ithink it would be OK to have the link. Remember this is a project forum.

Mason… I PM’d you.