Automotive Market Data - Statistics

I have to conduct a research around the niche automotive market for a school project. I am mostly responsible to do all the market research, potentials and forcast and i am trying to find on the net infrormation about this market but it’s rather difficult.

Do you have any idea where i could find info about the niche automotive market size (annual sales, ideally for every country individualy) etc?

Thank you for any input.


What do you mean by “niche” automotive markets? Do you mean a specific type of vehicle (like a sportscar or station wagon)? Do you mean aftermarket parts manufacturers (mufflers, shock absorbers, wings)?

For the automobile sales, you can probably find sales data in annual reports or in “investor relations” press releases. With the other things I list…good luck!


thanks for your reply. Indeed i did not specify the term “niche” market. I mainly refere to exclusive sports cars such as Ferraris etc. Eventually i had to go through all the official web sites and gather the data. Surpisingly, only Porsche’s had very detailed info. ALL the other’s manufacturers had no info!!

You might need to try to go through the parent company’s websites. Ferrari is a subsidary of Fiat, Lamborghini of VW, etc.