Automotive Design - Video Tutorials

Hi all, I am new to the community and wanted to do a bit of an introduction, this being my first post, I am an Industrial designer by trade, one with a passion for automotive design. I am currently working as a furniture designer but one day aspire to apply my abilities as a automotive designer. I love what I do, the hands on aspects, the technical aspects I love that I am able to create something out of nothing, and I know all of us here share the same passion.

At the beginning of last year I decided to pursue my passion for automotive design by creating a YouTube channel to showcase some of my work and to provide demonstrations for those eager to learn how to draw cars or as I put it in my videos HOW2CARS.

I am writing this post in hopes to help promote my channel. I feel that it’s certainly come along way since it’s launch but does not have a very good following, and thats partly because I have not done much promoting beyond YouTube until now.

The channel was made with the best intentions in mind, I would really like to help aspiring young designers and teach those interested the fundamentals of sketching cars. I post videos fairly frequently and would love to continue to do so. A larger following would certainly motivate me to continue posting videos.

Anyways, without further adieu, you can find my latest video demonstration here:

and a link to my YouTube channel here:

Any feedback or advice on how to help my channel grow would be much appreciated :wink: I really look forward to hearing all of your thoughts. Thank you all so much and remember keep sketching keep aspiring, keep climbing new heights!

btw, for those interested, here is the initial sketch demonstration