Automotive Design Portfolio

Hello Everyone,

So I’m always looking through these boards but have recently decided to be a more active participant. A bit about me:
I graduated from the College for Creative Studies last year through their Automotive track and am now looking for freelance and/or entry level work in the industry. I also have a bit of product design work from my internship at Black&Decker. Unfortunately I can only show that work on a one on one basis for interview purposes due to NDAs.

So, this particular portfolio is geared towards the automotive/ transportation design sector. Feel free to critique both the portfolio and the design work itself. I’m very interested in hearing what you guys have to say, so have at it!

I have a coroflot portfolio but prefer to show you the issuu one since it actually puts it in a booklet format.

A little bit to wet your appetite:

First off, welcome to posting!

Your interior work is very strong, I think a lot stronger than your exterior work. I think the entire portfolio would get kicked up a notch if you spent some time photoshoping all of those interior views. The 3d models are sucking the life out compared to your sketches. It’s OK to photoshop them up a bit, add texture, more contrast, some more detail…