Automotive design in canada


I am trying to relocate to Canada but I am struggling to find work in my field. Most vacancies on coroflot are product and Industrial but there is a lack of automotive openings.

I have five years experience working on specialist vehicle design (amphibians) and thought i would have no problem finding work in canada.

I have worked on marine and automotive, quads, trikes and 4x4 military application vehicles can anyone suggest either companies or websites where I might find work.

kind regards

Scott marsden

I dont’ know the whole automotive industry in Canada, but here are few leads:
-White Trucking - Class 8 trucks
-Bombardier in Montreal - Trains and planes
-Gad Shaanan Design - Montreal consultancy does trans
-Bombardier divested it’s recreational vehicle business a few years ago, but there may still be R&D facilities for companies like SkiDoo

Best luck

I’d stay away from Bombardier unless you’re Francaphone (French Canadien). There’s definitely a bias towards you if you don’t speak French. The stuff they do is nice, but its in the middle of nowhere. Do you know where Valcourt, QC is? Nope. Its not in Montreal. Its in the middle of rural QC where the English speaking population is like 15%.

There really isn’t any good TransDesign places in Canada. Ask the guys at Humber College in ON. Most of them don’t even have regular ID jobs, let alone TransDesign jobs.

Oh thats what i did not want to hear,

i desperately want to move to vancouver and really thought there would be work there, i was thinking quads, jetski’s and snow mobiles

oh well thanks for the advice i will try the companies you have suggested

kind regards


Western Star (transport trucks, some military) has (assuming its still there) a manufacturing facility in Kelowna BC. Its not Vancouver, but the Okanagan is a slice of heaven. I don’t know if they do any of their design work there or not.

Good luck.


Check out Dynasty Motorcar Corp in Richmond B.C. and Paul Deutschmann’s famous car design studio in Montreal.

True what you hear about the absolute need for French in Quebec. And even then you’ll be an outsider trying to get in. There is a strong bias in favor of local graduates, call it what you will.

Good luck.

Campion boats is also in Kelowna, B.C. Really nice place to live.