Friend just pointed me in the direction of Auto Moblox. This is probably the coolest toy I have seen in a long, long time. My son is getting one for his birthday in November!

Backstory on the process. Required reading for those looking to the Far East for suppliers…

Wow! Speechless. How the heck did this guy keep the cash flowing on this project? All those flights to Asia, etc.?

I remember reading about this way back when. Glad to see the company has been successful. Just looked at the dealer locator, and a store right down the street sells them! I may have to go there @ lunch and pick up a couple for the old cubicle :smiley:

We bought a bunch of these a couple years ago, and they were still having major delivery and QC issues. The biggest problem was if you mixed parts from different sets, the profiles didn’t match up well at all. I think they’ve given up on trying to do it themselves- Manhattan Toy was showing them at the ABC show last week, and the product is much nicer now.

Wow! This company really managed to keep on top of a bad situation and keep moving forward. Good for them! Good looking product, X’mas is coming up, I’ll have to look for it in my area.

Thanks for the link.

I’m with you. It’s nothing short of amazing this guy was able to keep afloat long enough to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Hey guys,

I will have to ask our local toy dealer if he would be interested in listing Automoblox as well. I hope he is
interested to expand his line of wooden toys. I haven’t seen Automblox in Europe so far…
The backstory on the development made such good reading that I spent a too big portion of my office day
at just that. (recovering from a visit to the dentists.)

But what I really wanted to ask here: Wouldn’t there have been a much safer way by dealing with vendors in
the US? Would it be possible to source the wanted wood and plastic parts in the US?

IF I wanted to propell one of my exam projects from the past into reality I would be inclined to sell the whole
thing to a company that already has a good position in market und supply, like Brio in this case. Sometimes
you find all kinds of blocking and tackling if you want to bring through something really new…and as an en-
trepreneur you might not survive it as good as Mr. Calello.

But IF I wanted to bring that thing to market on my own I would tend to think that it was more feasible to
let the first (smaller) series of things be produced locally. More so if the product requires little handwork,
which is expensive in Europe. If the parts have to be machined or in this case molded, what is the sense to
go to China? What is your experience? Is the overall project cost lower in the end?

We sometimes get quotes for parts from far east that are a lot lower than local quotes (percentage), but it
always only translates into pennies on the dollar. One month delay would suck that up.

Tell me:

All the best

Yours mo-i

I agree with all of you Guys, i picked up a little one from MOMA a couple of years ago and they are amazingly cool toys. There was an interesting article somewhere i’ll have to find about how he setup the business. Wish I had these as kid!!

Look up…the link you’re looking for is in this thread.

Ha, thanks. I don’t know how i missed that, cheers.


I had to digg that old thread out in the light of this:

You now get automoblox (sort of) at IKEA. Interesting how they found their workarounds concerning the more
demanding parts of the production process, but kept the spirit intact.

They are true experts in designing to projected price point.