autodesk inventor

can anyone give me some information on THIS program? (i know rhino is the shit, alias, solidworks… blah, blah, blah)
if any of you can give me information as to the good and bad things about inventor i’d suck some toes!

I used Inventor a couple of years ago at a job I had then. It was very easy to learn and very intuitive. Back then I only used it to do basic modeling, but I think it may now do surfacing too. Not a bad program, but it’s got a long ways to catch up to Pro-E and Solidworks in terms of market share.

IMHO Inventor is dictating Solidworks, look at the recent release of Inventor 8 for eg., the “new” features are :-

  • working with multi bodies = solidworks 2003
  • thin walled part = solidworks 2001
  • rib features = solidworks 2001

just to mention a few.

plus I had experience in Inventor 5, and Solidworks 2001 plus on the same computer, however Inventor runs slow as compared to Solidworks.

anyway, if you still like Inventor, than its really up to you.
btw, I dont get any commission in promoting solidworks

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