Autodesk Alias 2010 products in Student versions?


Anyone know if Autodesk plans on putting out student versions of their new 2010 line, such as Alias Design or Alias Surface in the near future?

Thanks guys

88 people looked at it and not one reply?

You can go on that website:

you should register with you school email adresse. Somehow I think your school need to register as well.
Then you can download the software.
And enjoy

Thanks for that info, but I tried already. I downloaded the free student software, both the mac and also the pc version and neither of them work. I keep getting an error message of some sort, so I became frustrated and was wondering if there was a way to buy a student version. Maybe they will come out with one eventually.

Has anyone had problems getting the downloadable versions to work?

It sounds like you have a seperate issue. If you’ve downloaded the student software that means it’s available. Are you unable to install it? Or just run the program? What error does it give you?

I am getting that error message only when I try opening the program, not downloading it, sorry for the misunderstanding. The message I get when opening it says “You cannot open the application “Alias” because it may be damaged or incomplete”.

I have tried this on my PC as well and I get the same message. I wonder if anyone else gets that when opening it?

OUCH. that is certainly odd that both versions are broken.

if i find anything out, i will re-post or message you directly.

are you on a intel-based mac with the correct OSX version?
how large are the files?

Sounds like your download may have kicked off part way. Did it give you a confirmation of it downloading 100%?

It did finish 100 percent. I have uninstalled it and redownloaded it a number of times now, but I still get this issue. I have tried my mac intel laptop, I have tried a PC, I have tried my desktop Mac Mini (powerpc) and still nothing. I wonder if anyone can try downloading it from their site and see if they also have the same problem?

Any students on here willing to sign up and create an account and downloading either pc or mac version and see if it works for them?


I have the same problem!


Thanks for trying. I am glad I am not the only one. I am surprised no other students have responded to this concern as there are a ton of students on this site! Maybe I guess they haven’t had any problems like we have.