Autodesk 360

Anyone have any experience?

Starting my new design firm and I need to figure out what platform to go on. If I can stay in the Mac OS with a good workflow I will consider throwing my money at Autodesk over the Rhino/SW workflow that forces me to Bootcamp out to Windows.

In this day and age, I simply can’t believe we need a multi-boot system.

If you have any other ideas or insight into other programs (Pro/e?, SW?) heading into OSX-land…I’d love to hear it.

I’m already tinkering with the Rhino for OSX and so far I’m happy.

I was really curious of this as well, I played around with Fusion a bit, nothing serious… Stopped and visited a friend at work the other day and the design director was saying a client asked him to look at a model in Fusion, it seems some people are using it already.

I haven’t come across anyone using it.

I am not a big fan of the idea of conforming to what the client uses, rather than using the best tool for the job…granted that’s subjective (sorry for the circular logic).

I have yet to see anyone using 360…which does play a factor. SW is, by far, the de facto choice for software in Vancouver.

Hopefully this thread will get a few more comments as time progresses.