AutoCAD help! - simple question!


I have a model I did in alias that I’m trying to create a 2D orthographic drawing of. I am assuming the easiest way to do this is through AutoCAD, so I imported the model and inserted a “base view” and all that. When I put the views down, however, there are all these crazy lines coming from my model. What are these and how do I get them to go away? (Screenshot attached)

I am not pretending to know anything at all about AutoCAD, so I’m hoping this is just something simple that I’m not doing!

Also, if anyone knows of an easier method to create a 2D drawing from my model, please let me know! I am having trouble learning a whole new program just to make a simple orthographic dimensioned drawing.

Thank you :slight_smile:

send me your model and i will do it for you. if bigger then 10meg. if under 10 meg

Looks like a “dirty” model from Alias. My guess is those lines are probably isoparms that are used inside Alias to define surface information data.

I can help on the 2D drawing question using AutoCAD…

I just did a simple scenario on my PC using a Rhino 3D model imported into AutoCAD. The workflow I used is as follows:

  1. Save your alias model as a 3D model file (.3ds) or if your version of AutoCAD can accept others 3D file extensions use them.
  2. Import .3ds file into AutoCAD using AutoCAD’s “3D Studio File Import” option found in the “Insert” pulldown menu.
  3. Now set up your front, right, left and top views in AutoCAD, by copying and pasting and rotating each view to set up the proper orthographic view template.
  4. From there you can go into AutoCAD’s dimensioning tools and dimension your model views accordingly.

If you have access to Rhino3D…that is the way to go as it can turn your imported 3D model into a nice 6 view drawing with the single touch of a button. Very powerful CAD feature.