auto rendering media size

I just thought of this and didn’t know who to ask. What size were the typical auto renderings when they were on paper? I know it seems like they are at least 11x17 in the documentaries I’ve seen. Anyone have first hand experience?


While at ArtCenter, 1998-2001, we would to take one of the Vincent vellum pads (24 x 32 inch) and cut the entire thing in half, thereby giving you (12 x 32 inch)…it leaves the glue binding intact and provides the wide format sketch pads to get more drama out of your line work. We would do the same thing for Canson renderings too. However, working in the automotive studio now everything is usually dropped into PPT or it gets formatted to the printer output A3 or 11 x 17.

Thanks JD, that’s exactly what I was looking for!

Nice to see even hot shot auto studios are handcuffed to PPT like the rest of us.

Vincent Vellum shout out!