Auto details 2008

Here are some interesting details I noticed at this years car show. I think I’m obsessed with lights.

Other highlights were the XF from Jaguar. The photos really don’t do that car justice. In real life, the rear looks hot & Aston Martin like, the front is tidy and well proportioned. The interior seemed very clean too, much cleaner and simpler than BMW or Mercedes. Another was that I saw that Hyundai is bringing the highly rated European i30 out as the Elantra hatch. Lastly was the Caddilac CTS. This car really blew me away with how well detailed the interior is. The first CTS played catch up in quality, this CTS really seems to be tossing down the gauntlet versus foreign luxury cars.

This grab handle is nice too. It’s from the Lexus IS. Notice the two pivot points.