Auto design

Is it tough to get a job in the transportation or auto design industry?

The fact that there are so many talented people trolling on this link might give you a sense:

Compare the number of folios in the last link with the number of jobs in this link:

I guess you are right. It looks pretty saturated with auto designers.

I don’t mean to be a downer. Only to help you to be aware of the amount of hard work it takes to stand out from the crowd and land one of the few covetted positions offered.

I think if this is where you passion lies, that you should go for it. I focused on trans myself. It paid off in the long run in what I’m doing now.

I looked at the schools in Turin IAAD and Turin IED. I went to Milan a couple of years ago. I like IED. I just want to study outside the US.

Think about it this way…every year there are 30-40 students that graduate from a transportation design programs. Every year there are about 15-20 openings for entry level product designers. That means you have to be better than half the people that SPECIALIZED in auto design to get a job in it. It is not impossible, but like Yo said, it is a difficult battle.

or you could just go to china and start your own automobile company.

I think there is more than 30-40 people study trans that graduates each year.
Think about it…CCS, ACCD, Pratt, CIA, I am not sure if Academy of Art … I can name a few other school in America alone has trans grads each year. I would say over 100 of students are compeiting with each other. Also schools in Germany, England, India, Japan, France, Spain, Korea even in China.
In mid-west area, each company only hires 1-2 (fresh college-grads). Unless you are counting suppliers, clay and CAD modeler. Otherwise it is not easy to get a car desgn job out of school, period.
but I do agree with “YO”. Do what you are passionate for. If you got the skills and think it is worth it.
I am working for a supplier, I don’t consider I am “designing cars”.

or consider F1 racing as an alternative

BMW F1 aerodynamic engineers would agree i’m 2 fast 4 BMW!