Augmented Reality Way Finding for the Visually Impaired

Hi I’m Matt Gillespie, a 3rd year at the University of Cincinnati. Below is my sophomore “powered tool” project, a way finding device for the blind that needs more development. I come looking for feedback and some healthy criticism on all aspects of the project- research, execution and delivery.

My goal was to make a meaningful tool that would address real issues for the visually impaired, beyond just texting or object detection. Look through my presentation and let me know if you understand what it is, and what I could do to make this more clear.

Im still looking to refine the story bord, and I would like some feedback before going further.

Dont hold back! I have a log way to go and need input.

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Matt Gillespie

Some inspirational examples:

As far as project management goes: Set a goal and get it done in the time you have been given.

Good luck