Augmented Reality Prototyping

I’m curious to know if anyone is prototyping Augmented Reality on mobile devices? If so, what type of program are you using?

If you wanted to start and have access to a Mac, I would suggest looking at a combination of Unity + Apple ARKit + an iPhone.

If you are more of a Windows guy, Unity is still a great engine to start with and there are a number of other widely used AR development kits like Vuforia or ARToolKit.

Unity is the basic 3D package which is extended by those dev kits. If you have not done any software development in the past, it will take a bit of a learning curve but it’s by far the easiest tool to use and offers a ton of external plugins that are easily accessible for a single developer (compared to engines like Unreal which are designed more for the workflow of a large studio).

Thanks for the info… I’ve taken a month-long online course in Unity and ended up creating a basic, side-scroller 2D game. But, I am nowhere near a pro at it. I’ll have to get back to using it and start exploring the additional dev kits as you mentioned.

I had a quick venture into AR once, and found that Aurasma is the most accessible mobile platform to work with.

Out of curiosity, what are you using augmented reality for? There are some interesting potential applications that I can think of, but I personally have not encountered an application in the industrial design world.