Aug Freestyle design...

Please give me feedback. The red area is a cage, the black is synthetic leather and the white, I am thinking of incorporating that into some type of bootie. I was trying to go with a light shoe that offers adequate support. The two seem to be independent of one another and I was trying to mesh them. Thanks in advance for your help.

what is good steve, the cage would be a sweet idea! it does look a bit complicated though (simplify?) and having a cage would likely make for a heavier shoe…check out the new and1 edge (which is i think currently holds the title to the lightest b-ball shoe now):

so it depends on what is more important to your design: light weight or support?

also here:

is a good reference for the height you likely need for your shoe with the shox columns (check the placement too), right now it does not look like a foot could fit in the shoe[/img]

The cage idea is cool, it would be good though if you could research into what is purely needed to hold the shoe to the foot and thus providing you with the blue print for a cage that can then be treated aesthetically.

Nike made a shoe called Kukini (I think) with a cage all over. The concept was great, aimed at Triathletes so they can get the shoe on quickly during the transition from water to bike. (no laces)

I know nothing about BBall so I guess you could look at some videos and assess the dynamic movements of the players and see what points the stress and load the athlete applies to the shoe. From that you would get a functionla need and probably a great design as well (with styling added)

Also look at the Presto Nike did with the cage. It was a poor shoe (in my opinion) on function, however it looked great. Also the sock system gave Nike the ability to make so many designs from one logistic which is also very clever.

I have these shoes in a box somewhere so if you need pics I can dig them out for you.

Like I say I know nothing about Bball and work mainly in soccer footwear. I find though the best approach is talking to the athletes, coaches, medics, managers etc and finding out what they need from the shoe, need and want can also conflict at times so if you get the balance spot on, the shoes will be amazing. BTW, soccer boots are tending to replace counters/compliment counters with caged heel supports for impact control etc. Adidas and Umbro are pushing that side and the Nike Vapour (I think the first) also used it.