Audio Video Equipment: Storage / Furniture

I’m doing a furniture project for audio / video equipment. I want to know what you do. How does your system fit together and how unified is it?

Is there gear you wish had a better storage space? What is hard to work around?

How does your Laptop fit in the picture? Do you use it for pics, movies, and music? If so, does any of that transfer to your living room TV.

If you’re a college student, how important is it for you to have mobile AV storage?

What are people doing with their DVDs? Is it all on external hard drives?

Any other input appreciated!

Wow, I know that this post is almost 6 years old, but I think there are a lot of great resources out there for combining functional furniture options with all the tech stuff your house needs to hold. These days almost everybody needs a wireless system in their walls and your best best would probably be to contact an interior designer if you still need a job done on a big scale.