Audio Design for UIs?

I’m looking for a good (non-musician friendly) “virtual workstation” for UI audio-design. I need Synth & Sequencing capabilities.

“Reason” comes to mind… Any other thoughts or favorites?

Not quite sure what you are looking for but have searched :

I have got audio manipulation software from there before - some is good, some is not so good but there is loads of freeware to try out.

there is a linux (debian) based audio distribution of an environment specifically for what you speak having a low latency o/s. I have downloaded it, but not installed it. It is available at stanford university, the “demudi” project, probably if you google “demudi”

have fun

I was looking at the various options from Apple, including Garage Band, which is super-cheap ($80 as part of iLife.) They also have some higher-end audio apps.

Anyone have experience? Would Garage Band work for creating UI sound effects?

don’t know about garageband but reason is nice and you can do some really good things with it. It’s very intuitive and has everything you need right there. I know a few producers who use it for everything. it’s not the BEST in the world (pro-tools, etc…) but for the price you can get excellent results and it’s very easy to use.