Audi versus war

I’m convinced Lichte eats psylocibin-flavored muesli for breakfast. Or maybe he swung the Audi brand language so far toward the orthographic crease-fest that they can’t add any more creases. I can’t stand his bs. Benz started in with ‘sensual purity’ almost ten years ago.

I’ve owned 3 of them and what they are doing now just don’t appeal to me anymore… it is going in the right direction though I think.

But all I want is something that looks like a cousin to this :slight_smile:


Their cars are so much more mechanically stable now too, its kind of a shame to see this swirl on the styling aspect. Those older A6/S6 were sweet sleds for sure, but time bombs for reliability.
Ah whatever. I’m not a potential customer either.


I don’t think these are Lichte’s true thoughts or words. This is a press release and if one can cross reference both the press and has access to insiders, you can see what is really going on beyond the designers who are interviewed in order to further new industry narratives.

I cite Apple’s move to dissolve the VP ID position and Karma Automotive’s installation of new VP of Global Design last year. These moves and others like them in the Yacht design, Tech and Medica design worlds are indicating that exterior language, speed, aggression, elegance, and other similar adjectives are on the way out in favor of integrating the human into a more algorithmic experience that will dominate the future of transportation. Things like control, safety, further removal of autonomy and fitting the automotive units into a larger software and electrified driven system are poised to dominate.

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Probably as close as you can get these days to a clean and minimal design as Audi’s past.

@slippyfish peak Audi :slight_smile:

From the trends perspective, wars and any other major geographical tragedies do influence the fashion and design / architecture. Just like refugees influenced fashion in the past, memes, or particular colors. And things changes in general in a way for something different. What can be different for aggressive manly styling of a car, which all industry was chasing in the last years ? Clean minimalism. And what is different from that - homie, soft and friendly, but not “cold minimalistic” car design. And we see this 2 new major trends in newest cars, especially in Asian market.

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This is a very minimalistic, gorgeous, yet friendly design for a quite fast car. I hope trends will get back initially to something that simple and stylish. It’s a lot of “alias-crown” shapes in this and it just feels right for the car inside and outside. As well as generous considered details and its language.

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You’re a well-known “homer” for that model … but you’re also not wrong, and it’s OK to be both. :metal:t4:
That’s a sweet brochure too. Are those kinds of books still made or is it all AR now? Can’t pin an AR to a bedroom wall.


I agree with the potential influences and styling competency, I just think Lichte is full of crap to say these concepts were influenced by the current conflict in Ukr. And if he’s really letting the interiors and living experience dictate the design of a new EV why are they persisting with these looong hoods and conventional proportions. What happened to ‘Quattro’ as a principle? They can’t own it any more.